Update 0.02 & Announcements


  • Enemy Fighter AI tweaked to make better use of the physics engine.

  • Changed the Player Fighter's model to a higher resolution model.

  • Changed Player Fighter's autocannon from one to two, and halved the damage per round from the Player's cannons.

  • Projectiles now destroy themselves if they reach a set distance from where they were fired.

  • Fuel and Armor HUD readouts have been removed, and replaced with more visually pleasing gauges and readouts.

  • The speed HUD readout has been moved and changed.


We now have a new artist who’ll be creating new art assets as well as concept art for the game. So please welcome Joshua Wolff to the project.

The world and story of Impact Velocity is becoming more and more concrete, and work may begin on a campaign soon.

I’ve begun work on particle effects, and the experiments look promising.

We have released some songs on Soundcloud to get feedback for a small taste of the music being created for the game, so go check them out: https://soundcloud.com/joseph-bergstrom/sets/impact-velocity-ost.

We’ve begun work on expanded enemy variety.

Last Words:

Feedback is always appreciated, and we’d like to know what you think about the changes.

- Joseph Bergstrom, Lead Designer & Programmer


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Nov 04, 2017

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