Update 0.04 and Announcements

Most of the changes in the 0.04 update are cosmetic, but we have included new gameplay features, as well as tweaking some already existing ones.

Confederate Fighter accelerating forward and to the left, using the new graphical features of 0.04.


  • More starfield pallets, to give the background a more natural feel.

  • The player's ship now has engine effects, showing the flame from every individual nozzle.

  • Player and enemy ships now leave dual exhaust plumes behind. In addition, the plumes are now thinner.

  • A target lead indicator has been added to the HUD.

  • Enemy missiles can now be destroyed by the player's cannon.

  • Any manuvering now takes fuel, including rotating the player's ship.

  • A minor change to the enemy AI, concerning it's behavoir after the player has been destroyed.

  • The camera view no longer follows the player, but a point between the player and the mouse.


0.05 is going to be a gameplay-centric update, adding the Missile Frigate we teased in the 0.03 update announcement.

A tutorial is nearly complete, and will most likely be added in the 0.05 update. It was barely cut from this update, as work on pacing and art stalled out.

Work has continued on the story for Impact Velocity, and a 'Series Bible' has been partially written.

Last Words:

Feedback is always appreciated, and we’d like to know what you think about the changes.

- Joseph Bergstrom, Lead Designer & Programmer


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Feb 02, 2018

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