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Impact Velocity


A fully Newtonian top-down shooter, with a hard sci-fi bent. Quite obviously barebones, and lacking any real game mode outside of a horde mode. It contains the core gameplay and nothing else.

If you play this little project, please comment with advice and suggestions.


W - Thrust Forward
S - Thrust Back
D - Thrust Right
A - Thrust Left
C - Decelerate

R - Call for Reload Drone
F - Call for Refueling Drone

Left Click - Fire Autocannon
Right Click - Launch Missile


Music - Joseph Bergstrom

Art - Joseph Bergstrom & a general shout out to the artists on opengameart.org

Design - Joseph Bergstrom

Programming - Joseph Bergstrom

Min Specs:

I'm pretty sure a toaster could run it, but please feel free to tell me if you have a toaster that can't.

More information

Published 27 days ago
Release date 27 days ago
AuthorRathana Games
TagsGameMaker, Sci-fi, Space, Top down shooter
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, XBox 360 controllers

Install instructions

Run with the single runtime executable. No need to install anything!


Impact Velocity.exe (14 MB)

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