Update 0.05 and Announcements

Update 0.05 is the largest update to Impact Velocity yet, and adds many new and exciting features.


  • New enemy type, 'UN AA Frigate'. This new enemy type is a lumbering beast of a ship, carrying a turret-mounted missile pod, and a point defense autocannon, capable of shredding incoming missiles and fighters.
  • A Tutorial has been added.
  • Changes were made to the 'Horde Mode' to accommodate the new enemy type. The UN AA Frigate arrives in the fourth wave and in every following wave.
  • UN Fighters now have a new death animation, and there is a chance the pilot will eject. This is a purely cosmetic addition, and has no impact on gameplay.
  • The weapons in the game have been re-balanced, making all weapons slightly less powerful.
  • The player's health has been increased by 50%.
  • Fuel consumption has been re-balanced, making the engines much more fuel-efficient.
  • A small audio bug where engine noise would continue to play after the fuel was depleted was discovered and fixed


Development is progressing steadily, and work on update 0.06 has already begun. Update 0.06 will also be a gameplay-focused update, and we can tentatively announce some of the features of 0.06:

  • 'Battle Mode'. Where players will be thrust into the middle of a general fleet action, with many large capital ships slugging it out. This is something we have been working toward for a while, and it will require a great number of new art assets and ship types.
  • More enemy types. We've been working on designing more enemy types, such as heavy fighters, fast attack craft, torpedo bombers, and small capital ships. Balancing all of these new enemy types will be a giant task, but we believe it's possible.
  • New music. To add more flavor to the game, we've been hard at work on new music tracks.

Last Words:

Feedback, as always, is appreciated, and we want to know what you think about the changes.

- Joseph Bergstrom, Lead Designer & Programmer

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